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Global Partners Project
in East Africa



The Global Partners Project has several concurrent initiatives in East Africa, with particular emphasis on Kenya. Through these initiatives, we hope to create:

  • Greater opportunities for students to study, work, and learn in Kenya and other nations in Africa
  • Opportunities for faculty development for instructors in all disciplines who wish to incorporate material on Africa and African Studies
  • Expanded opportunities for cultural and intellectual exchanges with African scholars and teachers
  • An enriched base of African Studies and related topics throughout the three consortia represented by Global Partners

Toward these goals, we have established an International Learning Center at the University of Nairobi, which serves as a focal point for our efforts

We are also pleased to announce the final round of Global Partners East Africa Travel Grants for faculty who wish to pursue research in the East Africa region or who would like to sponsor a colleague from the East Africa region to visit one or several Global Partners institutions.

The Kenya Task Force meets twice a year to advise and assist the development of these resources and to plan the faculty development seminars.

For more information, please contact Derek Vaughan at the Great Lakes Colleges Association, Inc., at 1-734-761-4833.

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