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In 2004-05 the Global Partners Project undertook a series of Strategic Briefing Roundtables for the purpose of exploring challenges as well as prospects for liberal arts colleges seeking to ensure vitality of international and intercultural engagement for their faculty and students. Three of these roundtables were composed primarily of deans, faculty members, and directors of international study among the 42 member colleges of the Associated Colleges of the Midwest (ACM), Associated Colleges of the South (ACS), and Great Lakes Colleges Association (GLCA). The discussions sought to identify steps that these 42 colleges might take to achieve a more active linking of international programs with the core purposes of a liberal arts education – both individually and collectively, through the channels of consortial activity.

A fourth roundtable drew together a group of nine college presidents, three from each consortial group, to consider potential directions beyond the Mellon-funded Global Partners Project.

Index to Roundtable Essays

The following five documents describe major themes and considerations that emerged from the Global Partners Strategic Briefing Roundtable series.

The Global Partners Project Strategic Briefing Roundtables: Overview and Summary.” This document provides an executive summary of the three Strategic Briefing Roundtables convened between January 2004 and January 2005. Also included here are executive summaries of the three individual roundtable sessions, and a list of all those who participated in the roundtables.

Collaborative Prospects, Tough Questions: The Challenge of Internationalization on Global Partners Campuses.” This essay is based on the Strategic Briefing Roundtable convened in Atlanta, Georgia in January 2004.

Educating for Global Understanding” Challenges and Collaborative Possibilities for Liberal Arts Colleges.” This essay is based on the Strategic Briefing Roundtable convened in Lake Forest, Illinois in October 2004.

Building Connections, Crossing Boundaries: Instilling Global and Intercultural Understanding in a Liberal Arts Education.” This essay is based on the Strategic Briefing Roundtable convened in Winter Park, Florida in January 2005.

Achieving Global Understanding: The Challenge of Liberal Arts Education in the Twenty-first Century.” This essay derives from the Global Partners Presidents’ Roundtable, convened in June 2005 in Cleveland, Ohio. This link includes a full version of this roundtable essay as well as an executive summary and the names of all participants in the Presidents’ Roundtable.




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