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Listed below are grants awarded to bring guests from Central Europe and Russia to Global Partners campuses. Since the Global Partners Project ended in December 2005, this program has concluded. For more information please contact Associated Colleges of the Midwest (312/263-5000 or acm@acm.edu).

  • Grinnell College and Macalester brought acclaimed Russian artist Victor Pivovarov to both campuses during Spring 2004. Mr. Pivovarov was in residence in Grinnell for six weeks, where he co-taught the senior Russian seminar, gave a gallery talk at an exhibit of his work, and participated in various campus activities. He visited Macalester for a weekend exhibit of his work that coincided with a the annual Russian Central and East European Studies student conference/paper competition held on that campus.
  • In fall 2004 the International Center of Beloit College hosted Irina Viktorovna Bakanova, Dean of the Division of Art History and Director of the Museum Center at the Russian State University for the Humanities in Moscow. She consulted with Beloit faculty and administrators about the college's exchange program with RSUH and expanding study-abroad opportunities for students interested in the arts. They also discussed Beloit's developing interest in "Cities in Transition" and Mosow's role in that program. Finally, Dr. Bakanova gave talks on the arts for several local groups.
  • Cornell College hosted Dr. Alexander M. Etkind, Department of Political Science and Sociology, European University of St. Petersburg in November 2004. Dr. Etkind is a well-published scholar of social psychology and cultural theory who gave a college-wide lecture on the psychological implications of the transition from communism to democracy in Russia. The college hopes that his visit will also lead to ongoing exchanges of faculty and students.
  • In October 2004 Nadexhda Nikolaevna Puryaeva of Moscow M.V. Lomonosov State University visited the Carleton College Off-Campus Studies Office. She observed the work of the office, participate in the college's World's Fair and activities in the Russian Studies program, and met colleagues at St. Olaf and Macalester Colleges. The goal of her visit was strengthening the connection between Carleton and Lomonosov State University.
  • Colorado College's Political Science Department and the Russian Eurasian Studies Program co-hosted Dr. Darina Malova of Comenius University (Bratislava, Slovakia) in December 2004. During her stay, Dr. Malova will be co-teaching PS 310:Comparative Politics: Central Europe and giving a series of presentations on post-communist transitions to the campus community. She also gave a public lecture at Beloit College.
  • The dance program at Beloit College brought Natasha Shirokova, dancer/choreographer and her dance company from Moscow, Russia to campus for a 3 week residency in dance in the fall of 2004. Beloit students and faculty visited with Ms. Shirokova's company in the summer of 2004. Ms. Shirokova taught classes, choreographed a dance for Beloit students to perform, met with students and faculty and spoke to the campus and Beloit community about the life of an artist in today's Moscow. Her company of 5 other dancers performed on campus in the Wilson Theater as part of Beloit's International Performing Arts series. She also visited the University of Richmond.
  • Four colleges--Monmouth, Antioch, Lake Forest, and Centre--hosted Gavrichina Oxana Vyacheslavovna for a series of lectures in fall 2004. Dr. Gavrichina is an associate professor in the history and theory of culture department at the Russian State University for the Humanities. She spoke to the participants in the Global Partners faculty seminar that visited Russia in summer 2004; several of those participants are organizing these lectures. Her lectures were on "everday life in the Soviet Union and the US in the 20th century." She may visit other American colleges in spring 2005.
  • Ols Lafe, an Albanian archeologist, visited Millsaps and Rhodes Colleges in January 2005. Lafe is the field director for the Shala Valley Project (SVP), directed by Michael Galaty of Millsaps. The SVP operates in Northern Albania and is designed to study ethnic identity, cultural contact, and conflict in the Shala Valley from ancient to modern times. In addition to making plans for the project, Lafe lectured on Albania and archeology at Millsaps and Rhodes.
  • Istvŕn Horvŕth is Dean of Sociology and Social Work at Babes-Bolyai University in Romania, and active in research, teaching, journal editing, and programming in the areas of minority rights and inter-ethnic relations. In March 2005 he visited Macalester and Beloit Colleges to serve as a guest lecturer in selected courses in relevant departments (e.g. International Studies, Area Studies, Sociology, History); to serve as a resource person on topics related to his areas of expertise (e.g. language and nationalism, ethnopolitics in Romania/Transylvania, minority and human rights); and provide first-hand experience and guidance on study abroad programming, with particular focus on Transylvania and Hungary; and to participate in other forums of conversation of interest to various academic departments, students, staff and guests.
  • Kalamazoo College brought János Tóth to its Center for Complex System Studies. Dr. Tóth is an Associate Professor at the Department of Analysis, Institute of Mathematics Budapest University of Technology and Economics. He gave lectures on "The life of an applied mathematician in Budapest" and "'Mathematica': Why and How?" He also met with faculty from the Physics and Mathematics and Computer Science departments.
  • Grinnell College hosted two visitors for lectures who were already be in the United States. Anna Kushkova of the Central European University in St. Petersburg, Russia, gave a talk on "Popular Religion in Rural Russia." Father Stanislaw Obirek of Jagiellonian University in Krakow lectured on Polish reactions to the film "The Passions of the Christ."
  • Alena Hromadkova, Professor of Pilotology at Charles University in Prague, visited Birmingham-Southern College in March 2005. She is also an active campaigner for democracy and civil rights in the Czech Republic and was spokeswoman of Charter 77. She was a guest lecturer for a course on comparative political behavior, and met other students and faculty informally.
  • Kornelia Slavova, of Sofia University in Bulgaria, visited Cornell College in May 2005. Dr. Slavova, professor of American literature and cultural studies, is one of the leading scholars of women and gender in Southeastern Europe, and has written and presented a great deal on feminist theory and gender politics in post-communist Eastern Europe. She has also translated over thirty plays from English to Bulgarian or vice-versa. During her week at Cornell, Dr. Slavova gave guest lectures in a seminar on "Gender and Politics in Developing Countries" and in a Feminist Theories course. She will also give a a public lecture, "Identities in Transition: Postcommunism and Women in the Balkans" and led a faculty discussion on incorporating international feminist perspectives in the classroom.
  • Grinnell College and St. Olaf co-hosted two faculty members from Palacky University in Olomouc, Czech Republic, in fall 2005. Jakub Durr teaches political science and Martin Elbel teaches history. At Grinnell each gave a scholarly lecture and participated in a general round-table on current issues in the Central Eastern European context. Both scholars also participated in Grinnell's year-long study of the Holocaust and genocide. At St. Olaf College Professors Durr and Elbel were guest speakers in classes on democratic transitions and Eastern/Central European politics and presented scholarly lectures to the public. Durr and Elbel regularly teach courses in the ACM/GLCA program in Central Europe, based at Palacky.
  • Ludmilla Veselovska teaches English and American Studies at Palacky University in the Czech Republic, and is also a leading scholar in theoretical linguistics. She visited Knox College in late May 2005 to give a series of talks on Czech linguistics. She also visited the University of Chicago.
  • Over the last several years Bruce Polay, professor of music at Knox College and director of the Knox-Galesburg Symphony, has used Global Partners travel grants to conduct and perform with Russian orchestras. In April 2005 a Russian musician returned the visit. Mikhail Petuknov, a pianist and composer, spoke in Russian classes about the work of Shostakovich, one of his teachers. Petuknov also performed with the Knox-Galesburg Symphony, the Symphony of Oak Park/River Forest (Illinois), and at the Burlington (Iowa) Community Concert Series. In early May he presented a recital and lectures at Cedarville University in Ohio.
  • In fall 2005 Rhodes College hosted an International Rachmaninoff Festival, featuring scholars and musicians from Europe and the United States. A Global Partners grant supported the participation of three Russian visitors: Alexander Sergeyevich Bazijov, Rector of the Tambov Institute of Music Pedagogy; Valentin Ivanovich Antipov, coordinator of the Scientific Council of Russian Music Publishing; and Alexei Alexandrovich Naumov, widely considered to be the top Rachmaninoff scholar in the world.
  • Ripon College hosted Russian artist Vyacheslav Begidjanov for five weeks in September and October 2005. Begidjanov is an outstanding artist as painter, tapestry designer, printmaker and book illustrator. His visit included an all-college lecture, appearances in art, language, and politics classes, and an exhibit of his art. He also visited St. Olaf College. Martin Farrell, his Ripon host, writes: "Slava was a major presence on our campus for almost a month and his artistic abilities as well as his insights into the social and political context of artistic activity significantly enhanced our curriculum and co-curriculum."
  • The Department of Theatre and Dance at the University of Richmond has been developing connections with theatre professionals in Russia. As part of that relationship, the department hosted Toasz Kubikowski in September 2005. Dr. Kubikowski, who had visited Richmond in the early 1990s, is the Deputy Artistic Director of the National Theatre of Poland. He gave several public lectures on post-communist theatre and spoke in several classes.
  • Elena Gapova is founding director of the Centre for Gender Studies at the European Humanities University in Minsk (an institution now in exile in Lithuania.). She visited the College of Wooster and Kenyon College in May 2005. At Wooster she spoke in several courses, met with groups of students, and gave a public lecture on gender, nation, and class in post-communism. At Kenyon she gave a talk on gender and participated in a panel on EHU's situation in Belarus.
  • In November 2005 Irina Kolegaeva, a Ukrainian linguist, visited Kenyon College and the College of Wooster. Kolegaeva has taught at Odessa State University, and served as Dean of International Students and International Relations. At Kenyon she taught in history and language classes, and gave a talk on the recent Orange Revolution in Ukraine. She also talked with Kenyon administrators about possible exchange relationships between the two schools. At Wooster she lectured in Russian courses.
  • The College of Wooster and Kenyon College hosted Dr. Libuse Heczkova in October. Dr. Heczkova teaches literature and gender studies at Charles University in Prague, the Czech Republic. On both campuses she gave a formal talk, "Women and Freedom: Back to the Roots of European Feminism." Elena Sokol, her Wooster host, writes that "Dr. Heckzkova had extensive informal contact with students." She visited several classes on each campus and had meals with Russian and Women's Studies students. "Both our students and colleagues found the visit of Dr. Libuse Heczkova most stimulating."
  • Danuše Nezvalová is a professor of physics at Palacky University in the Czech Republic, with interests in preparing students to teach science. In October 2005 Dr. Nezvalová visited Furman University, hosted by Michael Svec, who met Nezvalová during the 2003 Global Partners Central Europe traveling seminar. She lectured in several classes at Furman, and also visited Rhodes College.
  • Todor Tanev, a professor political science at Sofia University in Bulgaria, visited Rollins College in November 2005. Tanev founded Sofia's Public administration department in the 1990s, and has been invited to teach at the American University in Bulgaria. At Rollins he gave talks on political evolution in Bulgaria and other Central and Eastern European countries, and consulted with Rollins faculty about creating a program in public policy analysis.
  • Stuart Gipson, vice president of the American Friends of the Hermitage, visited Carleton, St. Olaf, and Grinnell Colleges to talk about the preservation of the famous St. Petersburg art museum. Faculty at those colleges met Gipson during the 2004 Global Partners faculty development seminar in St. Petersburg.
  • After the 2003 Global Partners faculty seminar in Central Europe, Floyd Sandford of Coe College met Zdenek Duris, a zoologist at the University of Ostrava in the Czech Republic. Duris and Sandford, with a common interest in crustaceans, have stayed in contact, and Sandford went to the Czech Republic in summer 2005 with a Global Partners travel grant. Sandford has joined with fellow seminar alumna Linda Dybas from Knox College to invite Duris to visit their campuses, where will present seminars in spring 2006. He wil then join Sandford, Dybas, and students from both campuses for a research trip to Belize to study local organisms and habitats.
  • Over the last several years, Lawrence White, a psychology professor at Beloit, has been regularly visiting with colleagues at the University of Tartu in Estonia. This connection has included developing a cross-cultural psychology course that visits Estonia and Morocco. In return two psychologists from Tartu will visit Beloit. Juri Allik and Anu Realo, both prominent psychologists at the University of Tartu will give lectures and class presentations at Beloit, talking about both psychology and Estonia's transition from Soviet republic to EU member state.
  • The art department at Birmingham-Southern College will host Bedrich Kocman from the University of West Bohemia in 2006. He will offer master classes in silk screen printing and lithography. He will also do presentations on a significant European artist collaboration called "Figurama," which might include work done by BSC faculty and students.
  • Slobodan Djinovic is a veteran Serbian democracy activist who will visit Global Partners colleges in April 2006 to do workshops on non-violent resistance and give talks on his experience with democratic movements in eastern Europe. He was one of the founders of OTPOR, a student-run non-violent movement that helped to tople Slobodan Milosevic. He will visit Colorado College, Monmouth College, and possibly several others.
  • For the last several years Joseph Troncale of the University of Richmond has been developing links with the Russian non-conformist art world. He used those connections when he led the Global Partners seminar in Russia in summer 2004. He is now bringing together an exhibit of Russian art at Richmond, scheduled for fall 2006. Two Russian artists, Evgeny Orlov and Sergei Kovalsky, will come to Richmond to open the exhibit and teach in Troncale's class.
  • Two artists on the faculty of Lake Forest College--Tom Denlinger and Karen Lebergott--have developed a collaborative relationship with four artists in Berlin. As a group they are making art reflecting on disjunctions and communication. They will display and discuss the resulting art in classes and galleries at Lake Forest and the ACM Chicago Arts Program.

updated 2/15/06

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