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Faculty Seminar in Russia 2004:

The Arts in Russia's Changing Economy and Society


The Global Partners Project organized an interdisciplinary seminar, "The Arts in Russia's Changing Economy and Society," in June 2004. The seminar engaged fifteen faculty from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds interested in Russia, focusing particularly on the arts--including film, television, theatre, the visual arts, music, literature, and architecture, the "high", "middle" and the "popular"--and their role in society since the fall of the Soviet Union. The seminar's goal was encouraging faculty members-in social science and other fields, as well as humanities and the arts-to include Russian material in their teaching and research.

Participants met with and heard presentations from local experts, visited museums and galleries, attended performances, and discussed on-site experiences and a common core of readings. The seminar ran for two and a half weeks in Saint Petersburg and Moscow. Dr. Joseph Troncale, Associate Professor of Russian Studies at the University of Richmond, was the seminar facilitator. His final report is available here.



updated 11/19/04

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