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Russia, Central Europe, and the Liberal Arts: A Global Partners Symposium and Reunion

April 8-10, 2005
University of Richmond
Richmond, Virginia


Over the last five years the Global Partners Project has supported engagement in Central Europe and Russia by faculty at ACM, ACS, and GLCA colleges. More than sixty faculty have participated in four traveling seminars and more than fifty have received travel grants to visit and study the region. The project has supported area specialists and interested non-specialists, with the goals of attracting students and integrating the study of Russia and Central Europe into the liberal arts curriculum.

The culmination of this work was a symposium in April 2005. The symposium brought together seminar participants, travel grant recipients, and other interested faculty from the forty-two Global Partners colleges to assess the state of the field, to review work supported by the project, and to identify future tasks and opportunities for the colleges and consortia in studying the region. Some sessions looked at curricular approaches to the region appropriate for liberal arts colleges. Seminar alumni and travel grant recipients reported on their work. There were small-group discussions, plenary sessions, a concert, and panels.

The schedule for the symposium is available here.


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