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Over the past six years the Central Europe/Russia Task Force of the Global Partners Project has awarded travel grants for the region. These grants have allowed faculty from ACM, ACS, or GLCA Inc. colleges to work in Russia, the newly independent states, Central or Eastern Europe, to develop curricular materials or conduct planned research. These grants were available for both area specialists and non-specialists. Here's what a few of them did.

  • An Indiana professor toured Siberia, scouting sites for a potential off-campus program in the region.
  • An American professor is planning a course on "The Cultural Politics of Central Europe," to be taught simultaneously in Iowa and in the Czech Republic.
  • A music professor visited Vienna, Prague, Budapest, and Brno to develop a proposed study-abroad course and to study the impact of Franz Liszt.
  • A political scientist studied electoral data and "Euro-skepticism" in Poland.
  • An anthropologist shot a film in Albania about the life of an American author who had worked there in the 1920s.
  • Professors from Tennessee and St. Petersburg, Russia, have arranged to lecture on each other's campuses.
  • An art historian organized an exhibit of new Russian art to visit his campus.

Full reports are available here:

Since the Global Partners Project will end in December 2005, there will be no more travel grants available. For more information, contact Associated Colleges of the Midwest (acm@acm.edu or 312-263-5000).


updated 3/14/05

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