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The Associated Colleges of the Midwest (ACM) are fourteen colleges located in Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Colorado. The consortium was founded in 1958 with the aim of enabling its members to enrich their curricula through joint activity. To that end, ACM offers sixteen off-campus study programs in different parts of the world (ten abroad) and creates a number of opportunities for professional development for faculty and staff.


Founded in 1991, the Associated Colleges of the South (ACS) was incorporated to strengthen the academic programs of its member institutions and achieve administrative efficiencies and cost containment through cooperation. Since its inception, the ACS has taken a strong interest in international studies programs and overseas opportunities for faculty and students. It currently offers 16 study abroad programs. ACS’s consortial offerings overseas build on the opportunities offered by the individual member institutions and fill important voids in the array of available programs.


The Great Lakes Colleges Association, Inc., like ACM and ACS, is dedicated to leading and fostering collaborative projects which bring its member colleges together in order to strengthen their academic programs and administrative operations. The members of GLCA are twelve private liberal-arts colleges in Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio, all of which have been members since its founding in 1962. Off-campus and international education continues to be a cornerstone of the organization.







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