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Turkey Center Task Force Meeting
August 25-27, 2000
Atlanta, GA

Members Present:
Wayne Anderson, Associated Colleges of the South
Terrance Bigalke, Beloit College
Suzanne Bonefas, Associated Colleges of the South
Elise Friedland, Rollins College
Pedar Foss, DePauw University
Hal Haskell, Southwestern University
Peter O'Brien, Trinity University
Libby Rittenberg, Colorado College
Vernon Schubel, Kenyon College
Robert Snyder, Southwestern University
Teresa Wise, Associated Colleges of the South
Yvonne Yaz, Centenary College

I. Partner Institutions

Istanbul: After a review of possible partner institutions in Istanbul (including Bilgi, Bogaziçi, Istanbul Technical University (ITU), Koç, and Sabanci), it was agreed that the top choice was ITU and the second choice was Bilgi. ACS will proceed with discussing the details of an agreement with ITU. (In addition, ACS will discuss possible other types of co-operative arrangements with the other institutions.)

Ankara: It was agreed that we will proceed with plans to work jointly with Bilkent and METU in Ankara. We will ask for equal dorm facilities on each campus, and students will be given the opportunity to choose from courses at both institutions.

II. Curriculum

Several significant changes were made to the curriculum for the program. A day-by-day schedule was proposed for the first 3 weeks in Istanbul. During this 3 week period students will study Turkish language for 3 hours per day. The core course will meet for 1.5 hours per day to provide overviews on various topics. Full details of the changes are available on-line at

Note: Members of the Task Force are to provide a list of issues to cover and a bibliography regarding each of the proposed topics. Check the webpage above to see who is responsible for each topic. This information should be sent to Teresa Wise by the end of September. She will consolidate the information and disseminate it to the group.

III. On-line Course

Members of the On-line Course Committee (Bonefas, Rittenberg, and Schindler) will continue to fine-tune this aspect of the program. The following was agreed to: time commitment should be reduced from 20 hours to 10 hours; there should be an explicit policy as to what the effect will be if a student fails to complete the on-line course; students should be given a range of dates during which to complete the course with a specific cut-off date. Note: In addition, the committee requested that we send suggestions and references regarding the general topics to be covered in the on-line course.

IV. Brochure and promotion on campuses

The text of the promotional brochure was reviewed and numerous changes were made. These changes have been sent to committee members for review and input by September 5, 2000. The brochure should be ready by the end of September/beginning of October for distribution to campuses.

Committee members will act as the key contact points on their campuses. In addition, they will contact colleagues on other campuses who have an interest in Turkey. Face to face promotion of the program is strongly encouraged and felt to be the best method to encourage participation. The TurkeyNet List of faculty interested in Turkey will also be used as a means of promotion.

V. Credits and approvals on campuses

This process will vary from campus to campus. The Deans of all the institutions will be asked (through the appropriate consortial office) to begin the approval process as soon as possible. When the brochure is ready it will be sent to campuses. The text can be sent prior to the brochure's availability.

VI. Deadline for application

The deadline for application for the program was established as February 15, 2001. Elise Friedland, Hal Haskell, and Vernon Schubel will act as the Application Review Committee (with Rebecca Schindler acting as an alternate).

VII. Program costs

Wayne Anderson and Teresa Wise will review projected costs for the program and draft a proposal regarding costs, keeping in mind that we need to remain competitive with both the CIEE Turkey program and the College Year in Athens program.

VIII. Program Director

We have not identified a director for Fall 2001. We will solicit input concerning the directorship for the first year as well as subsequent years from the TurkeyNet List. From our group we did have the following possibilities for the future: 2001 - Libby Rittenberg - only for the initial month; 2002 - Vernon Schubel; 2003 - Yvonne Yaz; 2004 - Libby Rittenberg.

IX. Future Faculty Development Seminars

It was agreed that the focus of faculty development seminars for the immediate future would be on those who have limited experience in Turkey, thus widening the pool of interest in this area. Long term plans might shift to individual faculty grants for those who have more expertise and want to conduct research.

X. Assessment of the Program

We need to find an organization or a consultant who can conduct an independent assessment of the program after its first implementation. ACS staff will continue to research possibilities for such assessment.

XI. Future Meetings

The Task Force tentatively plans to meet again at the beginning of 2002. We will continue to be in regular contact by email and when necessary by conference call.


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