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Global Partners in Turkey

Turkey Center Task Force Meeting
October 18-19, 1999
Atlanta, GA

Members Present:
Wayne Anderson, Associated Colleges of the South
Terrance Bigalke, Beloit College
Suzanne Bonefas, Associated Colleges of the South
Elise Friedland, Rollins College
Pedar Foss, DePauw University
Hal Haskell, Southwestern University
Peter O'Brien, Trinity University
Samiha Peterson, St. Olaf College
Libby Rittenberg, Colorado College
Jeannette Runquist, Birmingham-Southern College
Nayef Samhat, Centre College
Rebecca Schindler, DePauw University
Vernon Schubel, Kenyon College
Robert Snyder, Southwestern University
Yvonne Yaz, Centenary College

I. Timetable

Share committee reports by November 25, 1999

Visit universities in Turkey - January, 2000

Arrange task force conference Call - February, 2000

Schedule tentative meeting of task force committee - mid-April, 2000

Initiate program in the Fall of 2001 (with possibility of a summer program in 2001)

II. Faculty participants in the effort

Ask the task force to take the lead in sharing information

Share information fully - in electronic form - with the broader group of faculty interested in Turkey - coordinating committee members are invited to add names to that list.

III. Course arrangements and development

Committee comprised of Foss, Samhat and Schubel

Look at initial five-week core course offered prior to the opening of the courses in the Turkish university as well as the courses to be available to students in the Turkish universities

Review the two-hour, two credit course to last throughout the semester following the initial five week period.

Consider a combination of Turkish and American faculty

Review the specific language opportunities in Turkey and how those might be geared to different student levels

Explore different points of emphasis in the core from semester to semester or year to year

IV. Electronic Course

The committee consisting of Bonefas, Ritttenberg and Schindler

Design an electronic course to prepare students for the Turkish semester - the course to be taught while the students are in the U.S.

Review linkage of this course to the five-week initial period in Turkey and the following programs made available

Look at the resources necessary (e.g., faculty and technology) for the electronic course

V. Language and Use of Technology

Committee consisting of Bigalke, Yaz and experts to be drawn from various institutions

Identify how the Beloit College Center can be incorporated into this effort, offering the less commonly taught languages and Turkish in particular

VI. Faculty development

Committee consisting of Friedland, Peterson, Yaz and Snyder

ACS staff explore openings in the CIEE Summer 2000 seminar in Turkey - particularly for consortial faculty for whom would this be a particularly useful experience (it is not for those faculty who are more experienced in the country)

Review other possibilities beyond CIEE, making recommendations for future faculty opportunities

VII. University Partners

Members are Peterson, Haskell, O'Brien, and Schubel

Make arrangements for visits to three Turkish institutions deemed to be potential partners - e.g., Bogazici University (Istanbul) and Bilkent University and METU (Ankara)

VIII. The Budget and Administration

Committee of Friedland and Anderson

Begin developing alternative budget scenarios for the study abroad effort as well as faculty development - student enrollments to be estimated at a minimum of fifteen to a maximum of thirty per term

IX. Other Matters

On communication, the group will alert faculty in all three consortia to the new Turkey program, trying to expand the number of those interested (this will be done through the faculty e-mail system in ACS, and its electronic Palladian newsletter - the other two consortia will use their communication mechanisms).

A second list serve will be established for those interested in the project but not on the planning committee

X. Summary of Next Steps

Receive reports from the committees by the end of November

Exchange ideas on these reports - among the Task Force and with the broader Turkey group

Communicate with the overall Global Partners coordinating committee and the academic deans in the three consortia

Consult with other individuals and groups with experience in running successful programs of this kind - in order to draw effective lessons from their experiences.




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