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Travel Grant Recipients

Travel grants have been awarded to the following faculty for research in Turkey. Click on the names of recipients to read summaries of their activities. Additional reports will be added as they are available.



Sohrab Behdad
Professor of Economics, Denison University

Professor Behdad originally intended to examine the impact of the 2000/01 financial crisis in Turkey. However, the victory of the AK Party and the war in Iraq shifted his focus to these issues. Through various contacts in Turkey he was able to interview former and current members of the parliament and ministers, and professors, journalists, bankers and corporate managers. In addition, he visited two university campuses and gave a lecture at the Turkish Association of Social Sciences in Ankara.



William Flanagan
Professor of Sociology, Coe College

Professor Flanagan, in collaboration with Professor Neșe Özgen of Ege University in Izmir, investigated the impact of social and economic change in Western Turkey. This region of Turkey is where economic investment, industrialization, population growth and Western influence on culture is occurring most rapidly. Numerous interviews were conducted with individuals in a variety of positions influenced by these changes. Read the complete report.



Vernon Schubel
Professor of Religious Studies, Kenyon College

Nurten Kiliç-Schubel
Former Visiting Assistant Professor of Religious Studies, Kenyon College

Professors Schubel and Kiliç-Schubel researched the religion of the Alevi community in Turkey. They traveled on a pilgrimage to the tomb of the Alevi saint Kocu Baba in rural Central Anatolia, and conducted interviews with a number of participants. They also acquired a number of recently published books on the Alevi tradition and met with the famed Alevi musician. Ali Baştuğ. Read the complete report.


Susan Bauer
Associate Professor of Fine Arts, St. Olaf College

Professor Bauer compared and contrasted developments of Turkish dance choreographers since 1990.  Her sabbatical work focused on developing an educational model to increase cross-cultural sensitivity through movement analysis and concert dance. Turkey was her primary cross-cultural comparison with American concert dance and culturally patterned movements.  Read the complete report.



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